What is Open-Realty®?

Open-Realty® stands out as the world’s prime framework for making and also managing a high quality, cutting–edge real estate site. This is the most robust, efficient and versatile real estate listing management web app, that provides you all you need to sustain a competitive real estate web site.

Open-Realty® is equipped with a WYSIWYG web page editor for enhancing custom website content, a built–in blogging program, which allows you to integrate listing data inside blogs, an option to upload a number of photos, files or virtual tours at once, etc. Your listings and site articles will be quickly indexed through the internet search engines.

Open-Realty® is a trademark of Transparent Technologies, Inc. and shares no affiliation with Webtake.

Open-Realty®–Optimized Hosting Services Services

For those who have a company web site on which you count for a living, it’s essential not just to maintain this web site online, but in addition to keep it operating as efficiently as you possibly can. And this is everything that you can find while using the specially optimized Open-Realty® hosting services solutions available at Webtake.

Our company offers hosting services bundles with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. We’ve created our very own hosting platform, which, in addition to a custom network, gives us sufficient server power to keep our guarantee regardless of what occurs. Moreover, we’re going to present you with unlimited disk space, unlimited data traffic and unlimited MySQL database storage space allocations.