In the event you develop a new web site, it’s crucial to locate the best style for it. Through the Webtake Control Panel it can be done really fast. We have for you a selection of over 800 exceptional web site templates obtainable for 100% free. They are offered with all of our cloud hosting accounts and are completely easy to customize.

The majority of our web templates were created exclusively for Webtake’s solutions and aren’t obtainable anywhere else outside the Control Panel. It means that the chances to find somebody else using the same template as you can be really low.

800+ No Charge Layout Templates

100% customizable. Auto Installation

To save you time in selecting an appropriate overall look for your web site, we’ve crafted a number of over 800 no charge layout templates inside the Webtake Control Panel. The web templates are made to address many ideas and requirements – you will find themes for both individual websites like blogs or portfolios as well as organization web sites or e–shops.

All of our no charge layout templates are offered together with both the Applications Installer and then Webtake’s Site Installer. As a result it is easy to add the theme you want on a new web site in seconds.

Free Website Themes